Leading Business Development Manager - £75k

A strong leader experienced in driving change, handling high value projects that cross into every main function of an organization. With significant experience in retail and specific expertise in logistics and customer delivery propositions. Key success in driving strategy.

Logistics Director - £165k

Spent the last 5 years in one of the UK’s most dynamic Food Retailers.

Digital Marketing Professional of Retail - £155k

Part of Amazon Prime team recently responsible for P& L ownership of 90 million Amazon clients looking for General Management role in retail.

Marketing Director FMCG- £125k

Spent over 9 years as Marketing Director in a world leading FMCG Company. He is a new brand development and launch turnaround specialist.

Start-Up Specialist/Mentor and Investment Specialist - £100k+

An entrepreneurial venture and development specialist whose 14+ year career with bulge bracket consultancy, investment bank and new venture start-ups brings extensive knowledge of emerging markets and deep expertise across the TMT sector. Builds businesses from the ground up, developing concepts through to seed funding.

Board level operations director - £100k

Regional / Area Food Manager - £70k

A regional operations manager who was responsible for running 2 regions simultaneously. Successfully opened more then 30 new restaurants in the UK. Developed over 41 managers into leadership positions.