Throughout the world more people are looking towards renewable energy- in recent times there was an historic moment as Britain used no coal for energy for the first time since the Industrial Revolution. While some skeptics have challenged the theory on climate change there is a strong scientific consensus regarding the need for renewable energies and this has resulted in a thriving sector.

Therefore,there are also a range of potential vacancies within this sector- types of renewable energy include wind turbines,tidal energy and solar. Whether it is someone fitting a solar panel, someone creating the technology behind those panels or the people selling them to companies and the general public there are a lot of ways that someone could be employed in this field.

At Jefferson Maguire, we use the best quality personnel in order to find the ideal candidates for your vacancies. While the technical skill or product knowledge is important we also look beyond that - the kind of personality and application needed to work on a product will be different from the person required to sell it.

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I just started a new job as Head of Logistics Development at Morrison’s.

In the search I spoke to many headhunters and finding a good one was like hitting a gold mine. Many did not respond at all, some just wanted a face to face and I never heard back from them.... Then I met David Pike the owner and it all changed.

Let me give a big shout out to David's senior headhunter Clinton Hasenberg and his executive search team at Jefferson Maguire: they have been very responsive and proactive with approaching companies on my behalf and kept me in the loop every step of the way.

Without them, I would not have made the connection to Morrison’s.

Should you need reliable headhunters I suggest you make contact with Jefferson Maguire right away.
Bernhard Klein - Head of Logistics Development - Morrison's


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